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Tuesday, 10/5/10: What a Great Weekend!

What a great weekend we just had.  We met our RV-Dreams friends Paul & Marti for dinner Saturday night in Fredericksburg.  We both have so much in common pertaining to our fulltime plans.  This is the second time we've met for a "pep rally" with them.  We really enjoy spending time with them and it motivates all of us too.

Saturday afternoon I checked in on Jim & Dee's blog to see what they were up to; they're also RV-Dreams friends of ours.  I knew from previous posts that they were in Pennsylvania and were planning on heading to North Carolina.  Well to my surprise they were headed to R&D Campground near Bowling Green for a couple of nights.  That's not far from us.  I told Terri about it and I decided to email Dee and invite them out to eat on Sunday.  Dee called me almost immediately and we arranged to pick them up Sunday morning for brunch.  Saturday night I asked Paul & Marti to join us Sunday too.  The six of us had a real nice time.  Jim & Dee answered many questions and gave us good advice.  After brunch, Terri & I took Jim & Dee back to the campground.  They invited us in and  showed us around.  Dee showed Terri some really neat packing tips.  We didn't stay long.  It sure was nice spending time with Paul, Marti, Jim and Dee.  I'm really glad I made the effort to contact Jim & Dee.  Everyone seemed happy to be able to spend time together.  Not only were Paul & Marti and Terri & I able to get good advice from them, but Dee was able to get some good advice from Marti too.  This just really makes me want to get on the road and see this beautiful country of ours.  I can't wait for the day we can just get going and enjoy our freedom!!

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