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Travel Day, Time with Friends, and a Cat Hair!!!


Thursday 6/26/2014

D & W Lake Camping and RV Park

Champaign, Il

(This quote is from our previous blog post.)

“On Thursday, 6/19, we’ll be packing up and heading out for a new destination.  It will be a fun week of more races, and spending time with some friends we haven’t seen in over a year!”

Our intentions were good… but sometimes things don’t work out as planned!

We did have a travel day on Thursday, 6/19.  It was one of our shorter travel days… no PDD here… of just over 12 miles/20 minutes to D&W Lake Camping and RV Park just north of Champaign, IL.

We have a nice, partially shaded pull-through site, #17, with full hookups and a view of the lake.  There’s WIFI, but it’s too weak for us to use it.  There’s no cable TV, but we’re able to get DirecTV with our dish and local stations with the antenna.
DSCN6683     DSCN6688

By coincidence,  our friends Rick and Gail are here too!  They arrived the day before us.  We had been in touch with them, so we knew we were all going to be here at the same time.  We hadn’t seen Rick and Gail since October, 2012, so we were looking forward to spending some time with them.  The four of us had a great “happy hour” Thursday after we got all set up.

And then, our intended plans changed.

  Earlier in the week, Monday, Terri started having some problems with her left eye.  She thought it felt like a cat hair was caught in her eye and she couldn’t get it out.  She tried flushing her eye with eye drops and also water several times throughout the week, but it still felt uncomfortable.  The area around her eye swelled up a la Mr. Magoo,

and then on Thursday night she developed a rash on her forehead and scalp above her left eye.  So Friday we headed off to an ophthalmologist to have her eye checked out.  The doctor was able to find and extract the cat hair!  She said we would not have been able to see or remove it ourselves.  The hair did cause an abrasion to her eye, so an antibiotic ointment was prescribed.  The doctor was also concerned about the rash and referred Terri to a local, affiliated clinic where it was diagnosed to be shingles!!  Antibiotic pills were prescribed for the shingles, and off we went to Walmart for her prescriptions.  With the swelling around the eye, the shingles on her forehead & scalp, and generally just not feeling good, socializing was put on hold.  Her week here has been spent resting/sleeping and healing.

She is recovering nicely, and we were able to have only our second “happy hour” with Rick and Gail yesterday!

Terri’s feeling much better now, and we’re all looking forward to some “funner” times ahead.

Unfortunately my race attendance took a bit of a hit too.  I had to scrap my plans for Friday night, and Saturday night was rained out before the show was completed.  Finally, I was able to get to the races for a full show on Monday night.

Tomorrow, Friday, 6/27, Terri and I are headed back to Prairie Pines in Rantoul for three nights.  We’ll meet back up with Rick and Gail on Monday!


  1. All good things come to those that wait :) Now that Terri is feeling better, we can start the fun! Looking forward to you guys being tour guide next week :)

  2. I have heard that shingles can be very painful. Was it somehow related to the cat hair? I'm glad I bit the bullet and got my shingles vaccine when I got on Medicare.

    1. The doctor said that shingles can be brought on by physical stress, and she thought my dealing with an irritated eye for four days may have caused it to flare up.

  3. How cool to be able to spend some time with Rick & Gail. Glad that Terri is getting better, too! Tell those cats to wash themselves before playing with Terri! ;-)

  4. Oh so sorry to hear about Terri's problems. Shingles are so painful and to have an irritated eye on top of that....OUCH!!! But glad she is doing better and you can enjoy time with friends and at the races:o)) Mike you take care of Terri...were watching;o))

  5. Say hi to Rick & Gail for us, glad Terri is doing better, I stay away from cats because of allergies. Spent my summers corn detassling in that area, I have a 91 year old uncle in Champaign.

  6. We are so sorry to hear about the cat hair stuck in you eye and then your case of shingles on top of that! What a tough break for this to happen while getting to visit such great folks, Rick and Gail. We are glad you are feeling better now and also you get another opportunity to share more great times and more fun happy hours with them. We are thinking of you all and wish we could be there too. Be safe while you continue your journey.

  7. I'm gonna' call you "Cat Woman" from now eye, you've got the cat's eye, right? ;c)

    Glad everything worked out well, summer travel season is no time to be sick! Hope to see you soon, one way or the other, be it IL, VA or SC.

  8. Oh Terri what a rough week. I know how painful both of those things can be. But I can't imagine having them both at the same time. Mine was a minute pebble in my eye and I had whole body shingles in my early 20's. No fun, either one. Hope you'll get to have more fun times with Gail and Rick. Say hello to them for us and take care of yourself.

  9. Yikes- hope she feels better soon. Say hi to Gail and Rick for us!

  10. Glad Terri is feeling better. I hear shingles is not something to mess around with. Go out and have some fun!

  11. Sorry to hear about Terri but glad to hear she is doing better. Have fun with Gail and Rick!!

  12. I can relate to having a cat hair in the eye. Those fine hairs are next to impossible to remove. Glad to hear things are getting better.