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Thomson “Fall Crows”


Sunday, 10/27/2013

Volunteer Village

J. Strom Thurmond Lake

Modoc, SC

Friday, 10/25, we went to Thomson, GA, to view its annual display of Fall Crows.  But first, we made a stop at Dairy Queen and had Pumpkin Pie Blizzards!

Terri’s small and my medium Blizzard
DSCN3375      DSCN3374

They were delicious and very filling!  Terri actually helped me finish mine.  I should have only gotten the small.  Eye rolling smile

After our treat, we headed downtown to see all the Fall Crows which are scarecrows created/displayed by local businesses and themed to their particular type of business.  There were all kinds of Fall Crows including students, medical patients, health care providers, boy scouts, and many others.

Terri’s favorite was this display for a local tanning studio.

My favorite was this one from H&R Block,

with special mention of Georgia Power using a street lamp for a head, and insulators for the arms and legs…
DSCN3386      DSCN3387

and also this guy from an HVAC place,

and these two at the salon.
DSCN3404      DSCN3405

Here are many more of the Fall Crows.
(click on the collage for a larger image )
1261      12621263      12641265      12661267      1268
126      Collages

There were many, many very creative displays.  It was a beautiful day and a wonderful way to spend the afternoon.

Tomorrow, Monday, we’ll be “caravanning” with Paul & Marti and George & Laurie to Huntington Beach State Park for a week of fun with about 14 of our RV friends.


  1. Those "Fall Crows" are adorable!! Have a great time and enjoy the beautiful weather that is headed forecast for Huntington Beach:o))

  2. Great looking festival, have a good time at Huntington Beach.

  3. What a hoot those crows are. Is there the usual contest? Sounds like fun coming up! Safe caravaning.

  4. Love the originality of those crows! I have been seeing those pumpkin pie blizzard I gotta get one!

  5. Wow, I guess crows won't come within a mile of Thomson! Maybe we should have a Fall Crow at Volunteer Village. How about one wearing a red volunteer vest sleeping in a recliner? ;c)

  6. My favorite was the "Tanning Booth Crows" too! Have a safe trip across the state of SC.

  7. Love those crows but the pumpkin pie blizzards really caught my eye! :)

    Have a wonderful time at Huntington!

  8. These Crowes like those crows! What a cute idea and a great way to get people out and walking
    around town.