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From One Extreme to the Other

Thursday 1/17/2013

Eastbank Campground (COE)

Lake Seminole

Bainbridge, GA

The title says it all, from one extreme to the other!  We left City of Roses RV Park, Thomasville, GA, on Tuesday, 1/15, and drove to Eastbank Campground, a Corps of Engineer (COE) park.
Eastbank, an absolutely wonderful park, is located on the southeast side of Lake Seminole just north of the dam.  It’s located just 2-3 miles north of Chattahoochee, FL, but is located in Georgia and has a mailing address in Bainbridge, GA.  I’ve been wanting to stay at this campground for almost a year now.  A short while back I checked availability for the site I wanted and reserved it for three nights.  Site #31 is a long, concrete, 50 amp and water, satellite friendly, lakeside site with great views out our side and back windows.  The campground has a total of three loops.  Loops A and C are along the lake with Loop B a short distance away from the lake.  Many of the sites in Loops A and C have very nice views of the lake.  Here are a couple of pictures of our site.
DSCN7097     DSCN7095
The loop road coming toward … and going away from our site.
DSCN7098     DSCN7100
The view from our site is awesome!
DSCN7101     DSCN7102
DSCN7104     DSCN7105
DSCN7109     DSCN7110

The weather was beautiful the first couple days here, so we took some walks around the campground, sat outside and enjoyed the view, and had lunch outside a couple times.  We made a quick run into Chattahoochee to pick up our mail at the post office one day, and I made a bank run to deposit a check the next day.  There’s a washer and dryer at one of the shower houses, so we ran a load of laundry too.  Otherwise we just relaxed and enjoyed the scenery at our great campsite.  Unfortunately a cold front came through Wednesday night, and it was cold and rainy on Thursday.  Obviously we really liked it here, and we hope to come back again sometime soon.

Also, it was here that my laptop decided to crash, and so begins a rather frustrating saga with all of that.  Sad smile  But alas, that story can wait until later.  One quick tip however:  If you haven’t done so already (or recently) with your computer/laptop, BACK IT UP, BACK IT UP, BACK IT UP!!!

Smile  Open-mouthed smile  Smile  Open-mouthed smile  Smile


  1. Looks like my kind of campground. Why only 3 days?? Are you coming to Florida?? If, so where? Sorry to hear about the laptop. Hope you didn't lose everything. I back up but unless you do it everyday, you lose your most recent stuff. Electronic life is stressful.

  2. Backing up is so much easier now with Cloud storage. Hope you didn't lose too much.
    That COE park looks excellent. It's hard to find a COE park that isn't great :)

  3. You did have a great view! And it looks like you were there all by yourself.

  4. Reminds me of the COE that we stayed at in Illinois in the fall. I gotta bookmark this COE too :)

  5. We use Carbonite on both our laptops, so every time we log on, it backs everything up automatically. I have been very happy with it, it works well, is cheap insurance and removes my computer dummy factor from messing everything up.

    Nice campground, you sure know how to find them! :c)

  6. Hey, that's our site ... or it will be in a couple of months ;-) Good to hear that the site is as good as it looked in the pictures.

    Ouch on the computer ... I back up regularly, but probably need to just turn the auto feature up and let it do its thing (we use Mac); the problem with that is that it does not sllow me to pick the frequency; it just does it once an hour.

  7. Airport COE Park in Waco, Texas, Site #68--looks like the site you had. We had a view of the sunset out our back window and a view of the moonrise out our side window. The 80' long site has a covered shelter, fire pit and parking for four extra cars. We loved it and would have extended our visit except we were there on the Friday night of a three-day weekend...not a site to be had.