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Hardeeville/Savannah Recap: Part 2

Tuesday 1/8/2013

Walkabout Camp & RV Park

Woodbine, GA


This is “Part 2” of our Hardeeville/Savannah Recap.  Click here if you’d like to read “Part 1.”

After our previous, somewhat brief visits to a couple of cemeteries the last few days, we decided to go back and revisit them.  Saturday, 1/5/13, was a much nicer, clearer, sunny day!  First we returned to Colonial Park Cemetery.  This is the main entrance into the cemetery.

This cemetery was the burial ground for the city of Savannah from about 1750 until 1853.  It became a city park in 1896.

There are many historical marker signs placed throughout the park which are very interesting and informative.  This picture has two signs in the shot.

After spending quite a bit of time here, we left Colonial Park Cemetery and walked around the historic district.  Savannah has 22 scenic squares.  Time only allowed us to visit 2 of them.  The first one was Oglethorpe Square,

and the second was Columbia Square.

The squares are beautifully landscaped.  Some have fountains and others have playgrounds.  We saw some very interesting buildings while walking.

There were many horse-drawn carriages out on the street on this beautiful Saturday in January.

DSCN6922   DSCN6923

We really enjoyed our much too short walk around the historic district.  Some day maybe we can come back and visit all 22 squares.  Our next stop was a return to Bonaventure Cemetery in Thunderbolt, GA.  The famous “Bird Girl” statue was located here until it was moved to the Telfair Museum of Art.  A photographic image of the statue appeared on the cover of the  book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil written by John Berendt.  The statue was moved due to the amount of traffic, as well as vandalism, at the gravesite.  Even without that particular statue, there is much to see here.

We enjoyed exploring this cemetery, but due to it’s size we weren’t able to see it all.  Again, maybe some day we can return for another visit.  On our way home we went back and drove the Laurel Hill Wildlife Drive on the Savannah NWR.  We slowly took our time and enjoyed the loop.

Watching the sunset over the marshes was a great way to end an enjoyable day.

On our final day out, Monday, 1/7/13, we went back to the Savannah NWR and stopped in to check out the Visitor Center.  They had some very nice exhibits and a 10-minute video.  They also had a white board listing more than 25 specie sightings already during just the first 6 days of the year!

Then we again went back to the Laurel Hill Wildlife Drive.  We specifically planned to get there late in the afternoon near dusk for a short walk.  The day started out clear and sunny, but by late afternoon it became cloudy with a strong chilly breeze.  We went for our walk anyway atop a levy out into the marsh area.  The drop in temperature persuaded us to shorten our walk, but it was still enjoyable.  Unfortunately we didn’t see too much wildlife.


We enjoyed our time in the Savannah/Hardeeville area, but it was time to move on.  We’ll be at Walkabout Camp and RV Park
DSCN7004 DSCN6999

in site #B7 for two nights.  This is our first visit to Walkabout.  We have full hookups, and I was able to get the satellite dish set up.  I was NOT able to get any of the networks on the antenna however.  Sad smile  We got the Passport America rate of $16/night.  Tomorrow is laundry, groceries, and some exploring of the area.

Smile  Open-mouthed smile  Smile  Open-mouthed smile  Smile


  1. Well, it's pretty obvious after reading part 1 and part 2 that we will need to plan a lengthy stay when we finally get to Savannah. It looks like our kind of place! Except for the pie, that is :)

  2. Visiting old cemeteries is so interesting! I enjoy walking through and reading family connections. Looks like you stayed busy!

  3. Great pictures!! Both Savannah and the refuge are on my list. Have you been to St. Mary's and Cumberland Island??

  4. Savannah is some great place. How'd I miss it all these years? I must have driven right past several dozen dozen times. Now I'm going to have to find the brake pedal next time.

    You certainly are visiting a lot of cemeteries. They seem to have a bunch of interesting stuff in them. Plus nothing moves too fast in them so even I'd be able to get a good picture, unlike my attempts at wildlife.

  5. Savannah looks like a place we want to visit. I love the building architecture. The cemeteries looks like they would be fun to visit as well. Daylight only of course ;)

  6. Nice post-Savannah is a great town. We also toured Boneventure cemetary and would love to go back.

  7. Savannah is definitely going to require a lengthy stay ... thanks for the introduction to a city we've yet to visit.

  8. Thanks for the interesting report on Savannah. It's definitely on my Bucket List.