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Graceland, Memphis, TN, Home of ELVIS!!!

Tuesday, 10/25/2011

Harrah’s Casino Mid-South RV Park

Robinsonville, MS

We headed north from the casino campground up to Graceland in Memphis, TN, the home of ELVIS.  We had considered staying at the Graceland RV Park & Campground right across the street from Graceland but decided instead to remain at the casino campground.  I didn’t really want to negotiate the rig through the city and deal with all the traffic.  In retrospect, it wouldn’t have been that bad.  However, by staying at the casino we did end up saving a bit of money, even though we had to pay to park at Graceland.  The Graceland experience was well worth it.  It was very interesting, informative, and entertaining.  Elvis made 31 movies as an actor.  I didn’t realize he had starred in so many feature films.  Perhaps they should have a movie theater showing these films.  There is actually a lot of exhibits to see, and I suggest that you try to get there as early in the day as possible.  We didn’t arrive until late in the morning, and we stayed almost to closing.  We probably could have stayed another couple of hours.  I wanted to take more pictures, but I ran out of memory and didn’t have a backup memory card with me.  Here are some of the photos from our visit to Graceland.
The living room…
Elvis’ mother’s bedroom and bathroom…
The dining room, including color console TV…
The kitchen, with a close-up of the carpeting…
The music room in the basement…
The jungle room including carpeted ceiling…
The trophy room with a close-up of his Grammy awards…
This piano is in the racquet ball building.  He actually sang and played this piano the morning of the day of his death…
That’s it for the photo tour.  There was much more to see and experience, but unfortunately no more photos.  We both really enjoyed our visit to Graceland and recommend it to anyone who is an Elvis and/or rock and roll fan.  By the way, this is a great time of year to go to Graceland with the cooler temperatures and smaller crowds.


  1. WOW these are great pictures and really nicely put together. Having been there in May of this year I can really appreciate them. Better than mine for sure.

    Glad you enjoyed it. I could probably have stayed two days since there were SO manyt things to see. Didn't you love all the cars?? Your suggestion about the movie theater to show some of the movies is a good one. They were showing one of his TV specials in the hotel bar/restaurant. Did you happen to go there? That was great to see. All Elvis, All the Time!! n :-)

  2. Hi you two,

    Graceland was one of the first places we stopped on our way west the first time we went full-time. Interesting place, but once is enough for us;o))

    Safe Travels and Happy Trails...

  3. Great pictures. I love the basement. It just looks like a fun place to hang out. Don't forget Gus's fried chicken while in Memphis.

  4. Great photos! I can't say I'm a big Elvis fan, but I think we may have to go there just for the experience :)

  5. I think Mike, you'd look good in that suit in your header picture. Imagine the looks you'd get tooling down the highway wearing it...