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I Can’t Believe I Ate the Whole Thing (Almost)

Sunday 12/23/2012

Little Cedar Creek Campground

Ridgeway, SC

As I mentioned in the last blog post, we hit the road Thursday and traveled to Ridgeway, SC.  We’re staying at a very quiet, quaint place called Little Cedar Creek Campground about a mile south of town.
Our total travel time was about an hour and forty-five minutes.  We arrived just before the rain.  Disappointed smile  We were able to get set up in between the sprinkles and we’re all settled in.  I waited to set up the satellite dish until Friday morning.  For the second time in a row, I hit the “sweet spot” on the very first attempt.  Just like last time, I pointed to where I thought I was close, turned on the TV, and “voila” I had high nineties and hundreds.  Here’s the entrance with the office/rest room/laundry on the right and the back of our rig on the left.
We’re very conveniently located to the laundry room.  Here’s a closer look at our site, #3.
Hanging just outside our window is this bird feeder.
The cats have certainly been enjoying the view of the birds as they partake at the feeder.  We’ll be staying here at Little Cedar Creek for a week and leaving on Thursday.

Friday we met our friends Paul and Marti
for lunch at a diner called Cletus’ Grill.
Terri, Marti, and Paul all ordered the “Cletus Classic” burger with bacon and grilled onions.
I, however, decided to go for it and order the “Patty Melt Crazy.”  Perhaps I should have reconsidered since it did contain the word “CRAZY” in the name.  Winking smile  But since this day was possibly the end of the world as predicted by the Mayans, I opted for it anyway as sort of a last meal kind of thing.
The description on the menu read “1/2 pounder squeezed in between 2 Texas toast grilled cheese sandwiches with fried pickle chips, chopped bacon, mayo, and grilled tomatoes.”  It was quite a sight!  It took me a moment to figure out just how to attack this monster.  I decided to pull the top grilled cheese and bacon sandwich off and eat it first, and that would have been more than enough for me.  But no, I continued on with half of the burger and another half of grilled cheese and bacon sandwich.  I also managed to “choke” down all of the onion rings. Surprised smile  The rest went home with me where I finished it off later in the day.  I don't know smile

After lunch we went over to Paul and Marti’s for a while and visited.  They have their Winnebago beautifully decorated up for Christmas.

Terri and I wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season!



  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!

  2. Merry Christmas guys, Have a great holiday season.

  3. Congrats on getting that Sat dish set up so quickly. I never could get that lucky when we had the portable one.

  4. That was one honking big sandwich!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you both!

  5. And you stay so skinny! Merry Christmas to you and Terri!

  6. GREAT picture of Paul and Marti. They should have it framed. Having seen these BIG sandwiches in Paul's post I was worried that you would be showing us yet a BIGGER platter. :-))) Happies of Holidays to you and Teri!!

  7. Merry Christmas! A short travel day is a good travel day.